Crystal Sound Healing

In today’s fast paced world, stress levels are at an all-time high. People often find it difficult to switch off and quieten the busy mind. High levels of stress can affect overall wellbeing, creativity, productivity, concentration and mood.

At Seed of Life Healing we use crystal singing bowls - which are tuned to the seven main energy centres in the body (chakras) - to restore balance in the body, harmonise the nervous system and induce a deeply relaxed state. The combination of powerful breathing techniques (pranayama) and sound frequencies amplifies the effect of the healing.

We offer private and small group Sound Healing sessions. Additionally, we host three Sound Healing events each month around Sydney - in Bondi, Newtown and Crows Nest.

To complement this service, we develop and make natural products that will help increase your wellbeing.

The Science Behind It

During the majority of everyday lives our brainwaves are in a beta frequency. During a Sound Healing session, the sound waves and vibrations of the singing bowls enter the participant’s brain and body. The brainwaves start to synchronise with the vibrations of the bowls – guiding the participant’s brainwaves into a theta state.

The right and left hemispheres of the brain begin to balance. A similar effect of coherence and synchronisation also occurs within the body, harmonising the nervous system and reducing stress and anxiety. A feeling of calmness and relaxation arises. When our brainwaves slow down and our nervous system comes into balance, we become calm and focused, at the same time creative, energised and inspired.


Experience the Benefits of Sound Healing

During a sound healing session, a coherent energetic pattern is created in the brain and body. The frequencies and vibrations created by the crystal bowls activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which:

  • reduces stress and anxiety

  • creates calmness and relaxation

  • quietens the mind

  • improves sleep

  • increases creativity

  • deepens meditation

  • rejuvenates and regenerates the body

  • revives energy levels after illness or burnout


Who benefits from a Sound Healing

Sound Healing is particularly great for anyone who:

Services & Prices

                              Bondi studio        Your home/office/ special event/on beach

Private 1:1           120                          200

Couples                 180                         240 

Up to 4 people      300                        360   

Up to 10 people    n/a                        upon request

Large groups        n/a                         upon request

Gift cards available Discounted rates for seniors and those in need


Who can benefit from a Sound Healing?

Sound Healing is great for anyone who is looking to slow down their busy, fast-paced life, to bring more harmony, compassion and health into their life. It is particularly helping anyone who:

  • is stressed or anxious

  • finds it difficult to relax or switch off

  • has a racing mind

  • feels drained or depleted

  • struggles with sleep or insomnia

  • finds it hard to meditate on their own

  • wants to deepen their meditation

Services & Prices


Viktoria has been practicing yoga and studying its philosophy for 20 years. Born and raised in Switzerland, she moved to Los Angeles in 2000, where she attended her first yoga class and completely fell in love with the practice. During travels through South India in 2007, she was introduced to the singing bowls during her time at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. In 2011 Viktoria completed Yoga Alliance’s one-year Yoga Teacher Training. In order to help her students reach a deeper state of meditation, she began to integrate sound healing in her yoga classes. In 2017 she moved to Bondi Beach, where she has continued her practice as a sound healer for both large sound healing events and private sessions. With her in-depth knowledge and experience in yoga, pranayama breathing techniques, chakra clearing, and crystal bowls, Viktoria helps her clients calm their nervous system, decrease stress and overcome anxiety.

Viktoria, certified Yoga Teacher & Sound Healer


Give yourself the gift of self love and raise your vibration.

Contact us today to book a session:

Give yourself the gift of self love and raise your vibration.

Contact us today to book a session:

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